Monday, November 20, 2006


Well the time to stuff our faces is almost here. I have been eating healthy and exercising daily for months in preparation for this week. There are many things to be thankful for..... such as the Democrats taking taking over Washington and Gris Grimly's freakin awesome movie that i got to see last week. Being a HUGE horror movie fan I can be quite harsh when reviewing new horror movies, Gris's movie didn't let me down. It wasn't the scariest movie in the world, but it was obvious that this was not the attempt of the director. Visually it was stunning and i totally dug the choppy editing. Overall i was very pleased........... So pleased that i bought an original piece at the showing. This is my second original of Gris's that I have collected over the last years. It is an awesome Ink wash of of a ghoul. The picture of the ghoul was used as the label for some liquor in the short film.
Lots more to say... very little time. I have some new sketches that will be posted soon. turkey


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We want art, dammit!

Your pal,

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