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Hello All,

Well this last Sunday was Bug-In 34, which was held at the California Super Speedway in Fontana CA. The show is the largest VW show in California and hosts some amazing participants. I was fortunate enough to take 2nd place with my 72 SuperBeetle in the 68 and up class. It was an amazing moment as I was driving out of the function, and heard my name being called out on the loud speaker! I stopped my car and ran to the podium. it was great. Below are some pictures of the function and my car. Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U rock

2:01 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

that is a beautiful car, rusty. great presentation. i'm not too much of a car enthusiast but, having luggage strapped on the car was a great call. it gave it more depth and purpose. as a judge, you can't help but wonder the history of that bug and where it's going. again, i'm not not an enthusiast, i don't know what they look for in these competitions...

beautiful car, man. i'm extremely jealous! :D

11:53 AM  
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